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Each work of art is unique and they need the highest standards of security, discretion and guarantee. With this in mind, OTI will help you move all kinds of master pieces with the top-notch standards of excellence and safety, meticulous execution, and the guarantee of experience. Express, short haul, and long-distance shuttles included. 

Our art transportation vehicles are designed and customized to guarantee the protection and security of the most priceless and delicate works of art. 

Your artworks are also priceless for us.



Being masters of delicacy, we are ready to help you transport and install whatever type of works of art, no matter their nature, size or fragility.

Each work of art is unique and each one of them requires the highest standards of care and security. Our team is highly trained in placement assessment, installation design advisory, and transportation of heavy and light works of art of all sizes. Furthermore, our team of technicians is supervised and directed by expert leaders who will ensure that the transportation and installation of your master pieces will be developed with absolute care and commitment. you can be sure that your work of art is in the safest hands. 


Wrapping, Crating and packing: 

We provide everything necessary in the process of conditioning your master pieces to protect them considering their handling, transport and storage. Your master pieces will be safe in all the operations in which they are involved during the journey between the packing and the installation.

Client confidentiality:

Being masters of discretion, OTI is aware that your privacy is priceless. We offer the most reliable treatment of your personal information and assure the utmost carefulness and prudence to guarantee the security of your invaluable artwork and personal data.